How to Find the Right HDMI Splitter For Your Equipment

Published: 23rd June 2011
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The most common splitter is one that is separated into 2 sources. For instance, you may need to split a signal for the cable box to ensure that it can be seen on more than 1 TV set. All the equipment must be HDMI compliant.

Also, lots of people prefer to watch HDMI sources directly via a television for low-quality broadcasts, like a typical cable tv show, but watch high-quality programming, like sporting events or films through the house theater audio system. This gives you the option of bypassing your home theater system for normal tv shows, or utilizing your home theater's superior audio for high-quality broadcasts.

The answer to whether HDMI splitters diminish transmission quality will depend on on who you ask. The truth is that it is a extremely subjective experience. If you start with a normal cable tv broadcast and make use of a quality HDMI splitter, you may not even notice any decrease in signal. Nevertheless, if you're watching 1080p video from your high-end Blu-ray player and you apply a low-quality HDMI splitter cable, you are most likely to see a significant decline in signal quality.

HDMI splitter cables have zero power. For that reason, you might encounter poor signal degradation, low resolution signal or even cause a total signal drop to absolutely nothing but a dark screen. In the event you do not want to encounter this type of difficulty and letdown, you should be careful to choose a splitter cable. Do your self a big favor and get a powered HDMI splitter.

If you are running HDMI signal for any length over 8 feet, you should think about a powered HDMI splitter instead of a simple HDMI splitter cable. HDMI splitter cable users observe a decrease in signal quality for wire runs in excess of 10 feet. Simply by using a powered HDMI splitter, you will be able to boost the HDMI transmission and preserve signal quality over the longer length. Powered HDMI splitters also are likely to perform far better all round, as they are typically better-constructed compared to low-quality HDMI splitter cables.

In the event you use a HDMI 1.3 source, search for an HDMI splitter certified to work with the HDMI 1.3 protocol. Read opinions of HDMI splitters. See exactly what experiences other individuals have using the HDMI splitter or HDMI splitter cable you are considering. Simply because HDMI splitter performance can vary, seek to match up other people's experiences as closely as possible together with your set up. If you've got a Samsung HDTV, search for HDMI splitters which perform nicely for people with your HDTV. Buy from somebody with a great return policy so you can return the HDMI splitter if it doesn't work together with your setup.

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